Saturday, 28 September 2013

A {magical} walk through Kelvingrove Park

My walk back home from the university takes me right through the heart of Kelvingrove Park, one of 25 of Glasgow's large green spaces set aside to just enjoy nature. This particular day was over 60 degrees (fahrenheit) and the sun was occasionally peaking out, making it a gorgeous day for Glasgow! I walked a little slower and explored all the little nooks and crannies of the park. 

A bridge crossing the River Kelvin featuring the crest of Glasgow saying
"Let Glasgow Flourish." I have been seeing it everywhere. 
A memorial to the soldiers lost fighting a war in South Africa looking towards Hogwarts. 

When I started heading back up the hill towards my flat I ran across a tree with hundreds of little paper tags hanging off the branches. They were filled with people's wishes. I spent half an hour flipping them all over and reading them. These wishes were everything from a five-year-old's dream of being a princess to a grandmother wishing her grandchildren long and happy lives. There is no other word for it than magical.

"I wish that more people would listen to classical music."

               "I wish for people to be content in their abilities."                                         "I wish for a hamster."
              "I wish that people would accept me for who I am."                          "I wish I was a princess." ~Neve, aged 5

It's these little things that make this experience even more memorable. 

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