Monday, 23 September 2013

First Day of School

Every year since I was in Kindergarten, my Dad took a picture of me standing next to our fireplace on the first day of school. Since starting college I have continued on the tradition, and today marks my last first day of college. The fact that this is truly the beginning of the end of my college career hasn't exactly hit me yet. These have truly been the best years of my life, and knowing that I only have one left is a lot to take in. But before I reflect my final year of college away, I have a whole lot of exploring to do here in Scotland and then a great last semester in Newport News! So here it is, my last first day of college picture: 

For comparisons sake, here is my first first day of college. Oh goodness, I was still such a baby here!

Bring it on senior year - I'm ready for you!

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