Monday, 23 September 2013

Freshers' Week

Freshers' Week: (noun) a 10-day long party consisting of various events put on my the 4 student bodies of the University of Glasgow. Also known as prolonged craziness that, while a blast, induces exhaustion. 
It kicked off with the Fresher' Address, which was half information about beginning your college career and half a crazy loud party with all of the freshers' helpers chanting various insults back and forth to each other. If CNU prides itself on holding doors open and being friendly, Glasgow never fails to mention the uniqueness of having four student bodies to plan events and provide services to students. 

In the pink we have GUSA: Glasgow University Sport Association. Their motto: JOIN THE GYM! 
In the yellow we have GUU: Glasgow University Union. Aside from their chant that involves taking their shoes off, their motto is: Don't join QMU! 
Which brings us to our friends in the red shirts QMU: Queen Margaret Union.
You can guess their motto: Don't join GUU! They claim it's a friendly rivalry but I am not too sure!

And finally the great people in blue the SRC: Student Representative's Council! Not sure what their motto is, but they took it upon themselves to quiet everyone down when people were speaking. Call me boring, but I like them :)

Aside from the fact that this all occurred in a gorgeous stained-glass hall half as old as our country, I felt right at home in freshmen orientation world! If I learned anything from the past week it is this. First, 18-year-old freshmen are the same everywhere. Really excited, a little nervous, and wanting to make friends with everyone! Second, Mean Girls is a trans-atlantic phenomenon. I kid you not - the introduction video to freshers' week had some of the exact same scenes as the one CNU's student directors made. (HI SAM, KELSEY, LYNSIE, ALEXIS, and ZACH!) Third, the same advice is given to incoming students everywhere. Join a club, get involved, don't be afraid to ask questions, call home every so often. It was funny being a senior hearing all off these words of wisdom, and having the experience to realize that they are all true!
Finally and most importantly, going to school in a castle affectionately called Hogwarts by the student body is pretty much the best thing ever!
Overall, it was rather strange being grouped in with the freshmen. Having spent my last three years immersed in the college life, it makes me realize how far I have come. Freshers' week was a great experience in getting to know lots of new friends and feeling like a member of this community. But I am so beyond ready for classes to start!

Hogwarts in the rain! 

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