Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hopetoun House and Edinburgh

On the last day of orientation, I went on a day trip to the Hopetoun House and Edinburgh. The Hopetoun House is home to the Earl of Hopetoun and the family still lives there. There were pictures of their children in some of the rooms. Edinburgh is a beautiful city right on the coast of Scotland! It felt a lot more touristy than Glasgow, but was just as fun! 

Welcome to the Hopetoun House. Yes, it is huge!

Fanciness was everywhere!

The rooftop terrace had beautiful views!

This side looked over the Loch and the other side had views of the green hills of Scotland. 

The caretakers of the house encouraged us to sit down and play the piano, saying it needed some love!
Huge difference from America! Playing the (three) songs I know by heart was easily the best part of the day!

Gorgeous paintings in some random house - only in Scotland!

Hands down the most picturesque and quaint little town on our drive! 

Just a random little cafe

The Forth Bridge connecting Fife and Edinburgh. Fun fact: this bridge is pictured on the back of Scotland's  £20 note!

The Scottish town of South Queensferry

Jenna (from New York) and Reeya (from Thailand) in front of the Memorial to Sir Walter Scott.

Our method for picking lunch - it has flowers on top! It has to be good!

Jenna and Arielle (from Massachusetts) at lunch

New friends! Umberto (from Italy) and Krista (from Minnesota)

Everyone in front of Edinburgh's Princes Gardens

You know you're in Scotland when: there is Edinburgh castle on one side...

and a bagpiping band on the other!

Edinburgh castle

The Royal Mile

The whole group in front of the castle

Umberto and I inside the castle!

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