Saturday, 21 September 2013

Orientation Week: Making New Friends

Having been a part of orientation staff for the past three summers at CNU (HI SLAP PEOPLE!), I have been through this a few times before. But I had completely forgotten what it was like being on the other side of orientation - having to adjust to a completely new place, make new friends, learn my way around, not to mention figure out the accent! It was overwhelming the first few days, and this is coming from the girl who does NOT get overwhelmed easily! I have a renewed appreciation for how much effort goes into the freshmen orientation program at CNU. Now that I have something to compare it to, I can definitely say it makes a huge difference in feeling welcomed and comfortable in the community!
Rest assured, by the end of the week I had figured most everything out and made a a bunch of new friends from around the world! Current countries: Australia, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Brazil, Scotland, and America!

New friends! Claudia from Australia, me, Julia (my flatmate)
 from Maryland, and Katie from Minnesota. 
Ashton Lane by day - one of my favorite streets in Glasgow!
There are flowers everywhere in this country!
The constant rain has some positives!
Ashton lane by night - the pictures can't convey how absolutely magical it is!
Hey look - the sun!!!
My view walking home through Kelvingrove Park everyday!
Have I mentioned how green and beautiful everything is here!
The castle at dusk. This is taken from the end of my street. We apparently live in a
very posh area of town. It's been compared to 5th avenue in NYC.
The pub down the road from us. It's a great place to watch British football during the week and
AMERICAN football on Sundays! Watching the Vikings game from Scotland was a rather surreal moment. 
Rainy day bus tour through Glasgow. Yes it rains here - a lot!
 Never really a downpour, just a constant mist or drizzle. 
The main gate into the castle
A guy in a kilt, walking down a rainy stone path, next to a castle,
 towards two red telephone booths - I don't think it gets more Scottish than that!
Dancing at the Welcome Ceilidh (pronounced like the name Caileigh...speaking of which HI WORLD CLASS GIRLS!). Ceilidh dancing is like a combination of American square dancing and irish dance. 
And then I got a picture with my kilted friend! Scottish bucket list - check!

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  1. You said you were completely inexperienced in writing non-lab reports, but you seem to be getting the hang of it pretty quick! Keep the posts coming! Love you big sister! <3