Saturday, 21 September 2013

Taking in My New Surroundings

Welcome to the University of Glasgow!
I love the brick and columns of CNU with all my heart,
but I can't go to class in a castle in Newport News!
The Harry Potter-like courtyard. In other news,
the students all the castle Hogwarts. I am not even kidding!
I go across an ocean to go to school at another University Place!
The cloisters in between the sides of the castle. 
The view of Kelvingrove Museum from the backside of the castle.
Just a pretty little round-about in the middle of campus. 
The light-colored sand castle looking building is right across from my flat.
You can see it from almost anywhere, and is extraordinarily helpful for finding our way back. 
Home sweet home for the next four months!
George's Square at the City Center. Ironically, there is no statue of King George III
 as he lost the British Empire the American colonies...sorry about that!
For all of my Doctor Who fans, here is a real life TARDIS. 
Walking around City Center. It really is quite beautiful here. 
Walking through the botanic gardens on the way to the super Tesco.
Tesco is the main grocery store here. 
Still walking to Tesco, we found this cool system of lochs
 in the suburban area of Glasgow. 
4 miles later we finally got to the Super Tesco! After that trip, we think we can walk any distance!
In total we walked about 10 miles that day. 
St. Patrick's Parish, my adopted home church for the semester. 
Beautiful church and amazing people who have welcomed me in!
I read at mass today and am having tea with the priest this week. 
Funny story: my roommates and I met some friends at the street corner and we're introducing ourselves. As this group of obnoxiously loud American girls were talking, guests were arriving for Leanne and Ben's wedding.  So we sincerely apologize to the bride and groom for being in your wedding video! We hope you remember us fondly each time you look at it! We definitely think it was worth it, as we all sneakily took pictures of the guys in kilts! Thanks Leanne and Ben! (And for future reference, no we have never met them, but we did meet the bridesmaids!)

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