Friday, 18 October 2013

Isle of Skye - Day Two

After a night of spaghetti dinners and late night movies with new friends, day two in the Isle of Skye brought us to more surreal beauty. 
The first stop was Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls. Kilt Rock is such named because it looks like the pleats in a kilt, it is in distance of the first picture. Mealt Falls is one of few waterfalls in the world that fall directly into the sea. I hadn't realized how used I have gotten to living near water since moving to Newport News for college. It was great to be near the ocean again, even if it was freezing! 

Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls
The other side of Mealt Falls. 
 The next was right down the road at Lealt Gorge. While the waterfall and river were gorges (yes, I am quite puny), the best part was getting to meet Niall the shepherd. He has lived on the Isle of Sky is whole life and every day he brings his sheep to the Lealt Gorge. We had a great time talking to him and telling him all about America while he told us about life on the Isle of Skye.


Niall the kilt-wearing shepherd!
The sheep in the middle of the picture is one of Niall's, the had blue spots on their  backs to identify them. 
On our way back to Portree for lunch, we stopped at another waterfall that was perfect for climbing! The sides of the hill were pretty steep and muddy, but we found our way to the top in one piece, if not a little dirty. I'm sure I could make some great leadership analogy about following in each others footsteps and working together to determine the most effective path. Yes, I exude nerdyness even while adventuring through waterfalls. To note, I did take a step back and just enjoy the beauty as well! 

The whole gang: Rachel (from Sydney), Carina (from Germany), me, Taylor (from UVA), Mansi, Barrie, and Nicki (from Centre College in Kentucky)

Taylor and I cartwheeling through the highlands. Fun fact - Taylor and I went to the same high school and randomly both joined the trampoline club at Glasgow University for the semester. Yes, it is a very small world!
Before heading home to Glasgow we stopped back in Portree for lunch. We quickly grabbed sandwiches from the grocery store and heading up to the tower over looking the harbor. I loved their was this random castle-like turret at the top of a hill. No signs or directions, just a little stone tower in the woods. The view was great!

The wind is so crazy there, that even the trees were all growing in one direction.
And with one last stop at another waterfall, we started the five hour drive back to the university. 

Just standing in the middle of a Scottish road which I did a cartwheel on - gymnast thing. 
 And with that our weekend trip to the Isle of Skye was over. We listened to more "awesome Scottish songs" on the way home and studied anatomy for our quiz on Thursday. I am so glad we had the change to see all these sights. I feel if I had to go home now, I could happily say that I have seen the real Scotland.

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