Sunday, 13 October 2013

When the sun is shining

Glasgow, and Scotland in general, is not known for its beautiful weather and brilliant sunshine. In fact, the majority of the days is freezing cold and raining. So when the temperature gets up to 60 degrees (fahrenheit, I still can't think in celsius), it seems like the entire population of Glasgow comes out to enjoy the weather. So with an ice cream cone in hand, I joined the crowds and soaked up the little seen sunshine! 

This view of the castle never gets old! 

The Botanic Gardens were filled with people outside soaking up the beautiful weather. For honesty's sake, I still had on long sleeves and jeans, I haven't fully adjusted to this new definition of warm yet! 
 The Botanic Gardens also has a series of greenhouse filled with vegetation from all over the world, covering a variety of climates! Aside from being absolutely beautiful, the palm house is going to be my favorite place come winter since it is kept like a tropical rainforest!

And as it was a Saturday, there were a plethora of weddings going on complete with men wearing kilts!  It still makes me giggle a little bit every time I see them. 

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